Boston sports-radio guy says he was trying to reference female anatomy not a woman's ethnicity, but there are some issues with that explanation.
I'm not saying I actually wanted Washington to hire Rick Pitino, but I am saying the past four seasons have made me desperate enough to feel a little…
Edwin Diaz was injured during Puerto Rico’s celebration after Wednesday’s victory in the World Baseball Classic, suffering what turned out to be a…
The reporting on Jalen Carter is already highlighting some of my biggest pet peeves with NFL draft coverage.
It wasn’t just that Seattle wanted Dre'Mont Jones; the Seahawks didn’t think they could afford not to pay him, which is not how the team has tended to…
Seattle's deal with Geno Smith is one that truly epitomizes the skill level of John Schneider's decision making when it comes to quarterbacks.
The question isn't whether Seattle will place the franchise tag on Geno Smith by the Tuesday deadline, but whether the two sides will agree to a…
Ric Bucher, a long-time NBA reporter who is so sick of his own job that he decided to tell Kevin Durant to get married.
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The Dang Apostrophe